Overview of T4T Involvement

What does participation involve?

The first step is to complete the online form by

Study participations starts with the study staff contacting you, confirming your eligibility, and requesting your consent to participate in this research study. They will answer additional questions you may have.

After the consent and assent process, the study will ask you to complete a series of online surveys. The first survey is the longest of the surveys because it collects baseline information and helps confirm your eligibility for study participation. It will take about 20 minutes to complete. Following that, if eligible, you will then be texted links to three short surveys per day for ten days. The time involved each day is relatively brief with each of these surveys taking about 2 to 3 minutes to complete. These short surveys will ask about your moods, such as if you are happy, contented, irritable, tense, etc; where you are spending your time and who you might be with or are you alone. So, for example, are you at home, school, or some other place…are you with friends or family…are you talking or texting on the phone…what are you and the people you are spending time with doing—playing a game, watching TV, smoking cigarettes, riding in a car, etc? These are just some examples of the types of behaviors and activities the surveys will ask about. The surveys are scheduled to be received sometime during morning, then midday to afternoon, and finally evening hours. They are spread out like this, in order to capture mood changes and decision patterns throughout the day over the course of a little over a week.

The survey links are sent by text message, so a cell phone must be used to complete the study. If you have a cell phone then it is likely easier for you to use your own phone, though this is not required. The study can provide a loaner phone.

This study is completely voluntary and even if you give your permission, you retain your right to withdraw at any time.

Will there be any compensation for participating?

If you complete approximately 90% or more of the surveys you will be compensated at least $10.00 based on your own participation. However, if both you and your twin participate, the compensation is a bit higher and each twin receives $20.00.

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