Our twins enjoy being part of an organization that supports the health and wellbeing of generations to come.

Registration with the MATR only takes a few minutes of your time, but will provide you with countless opportunities to contribute to important health research. Members provide their contact information and allow the MATR to periodically contact them with information about a study.

As a thank you for being part of the registry, MATR twins may be entered into annual drawings for items such as $25 VISA gift cards.

***If you have issues accessing the online registration survey, please contact the MATR immediately at

Prefer to register by phone or by mail? No problem, please contact us to learn how.

Once you’re registered, if the MATR has a research project that you and your twin are potentially eligible for, we will contact you with the details and invite you to participate. Participation usually involves filling out a questionnaire or completing a telephone or in-person interview. The decision of whether or not to take part is always your own. You can decide not to participate in a specific study and still be a member of the MATR. You can also withdraw from the MATR at any time.

MATR participants can also receive our newsletters informing them about ongoing projects, study results, and twin-related topics of interest. Many people enjoy participating in MATR studies and appreciate the opportunity to contribute to scientific, health-related research.

"I enjoy seeing the studies done...thanks for taking an interest in twinship!" Marcie W., MATR member since 1986

"I love being able to help with research and MATR always has such a diverse and interesting collection of studies." Vicky S., MATR member since 2013