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Volume XXXVPDF Logo, Spring 2018

  • Study Updates: Adolescent Behavior Cognitive Development Study (ABCD), Text-4-Thoughts Study (T4T), AYATS
  • Announcements: Potential New Studies on the Horizon!, We Appreciate You!, No Multiples Day This Year Twin Talk-Stories from the MATR Community: Twin Bonds, Nostalgia of a Twin Childhood, Twins today, tomorrow, and yesteryear…

Volume XXXIVPDF Logo, Fall 2017

  • Study Updates: Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD), Text 4 Thoughts (T4T), Building a Puzzle…Your Participation=Results: Virginia Twin Study of Adolescent Behavioral Development (VTSABD) and Young Adult Follow Up (YAFU), Virginia Adult Twin Study of Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorders (VATSPUD), Adolescent and Young Adult Twin Study (AYATS), Juvenile Anxiety Study (JAS), The Genetic Epidemiology of Seizures: A Twin Study
  • Announcements: How Well Do You Know Your Twin on VCU’s website

Volume XXXIIIPDF Logo, Spring 2017

  • Study Updates: Adolescent & Young Adult Twin Study (AYATS), Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study, Text 4 Thoughts (T4T) Study
  • Announcements: Twin Research Goes Cosmic, Groundbreaking Brain and Cognitive Development Research Opportunity, Why the focus on juvenile and young adult twins, Multiples Family Day 2017, Enter Our Drawing

Volume XXXIIPDF Logo, Fall 2016

  • Study Updates: Adolescent & Young Adult Twin Study (AYATS)
  • Announcements: The MATR says ‘Thank you’, Calling families of recent juvenile study participants!, New Study Opportunities for ABCD and Text 4 Thoughts (T4T), How do we choose our twin studies!
  • Twin Stories: One Twin’s Story of Loss and Aspiration

Volume XXXIPDF Logo, Spring 2016

  • Study Updates: Mood & Immune Regulation in Twins (MIRT), Adolescent & Young Adult Twin Study (AYATS), Juvenile Anxiety Study (JAS)
  • Announcements: A token of our appreciation…, Message from the AYATS Principal Investigator, How we collect information online, How we work, Multiples Family Day
  • Twin Stories: Astronaut (and twin), Scott Kelly returns to Earth!, MATR Twins in BBC Documentary “How to Stay Young”

Volume XXXPDF Logo, Fall 2015

  • Study Updates: Juvenile Anxiety Study (JAS) and Adolescent & Young Adult Twin Study (AYATS), Study Results: MATR Twins Help Researchers Find…, Mood & Immune Regulation in Twins (MIRT), EMBODY Study
  • Announcements: Southern Women’s Show Ticket Winners, Save the Dates!, MATR Recruitment Finalized: Genetics & Epigenetics of Healthy Aging (GHA)