As you know, the MATR takes great strides to ensure that your information is protected by strict confidentiality measures. In order to take an extra precaution to protect your privacy, we have attained a Certificate of Confidentiality from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This Certificate provides an extra layer of protection and helps the MATR keep data confidential from outside sources. The MATR may still have to share data for audits or evaluations for studies if required to do so and the Certificate does not prevent the MATR from disclosing information related to reports of child abuse, threats of harm to self or others, or reportable communicable diseases. The Certificate also does not prevent our members or their affiliates from voluntarily releasing information about themselves or their involvement in the MATR. The Certificate does help the MATR resist any demands for information that would identify its members, including protection from court subpoenas, and adds an extra layer of defense for MATR registrants' privacy.

For more information, please see the NIH's website about Certificates of Confidentiality.