The MATR is always excited to read about twins and other multiples in the news and we would like to share some of our favorite stories with you! We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in these articles but we found them interesting and we thought the MATR community might enjoy them as well. If you come across a news item about twins or other multiples that you would like to share, please email us at


Read how doctors in Australia have identified a second pair of "semi-identical" twins (twins who share about 75% of the same DNA!

Identical Twin Sisters Marry Identical Twin Brothers in Joint Ceremony (see below for related video)

TLC: Our Twinsane Wedding  Join TLC for an in depth look at the wedding of identical twin sisters, Birttany and Briana to identical twin brothers, Joshua and Jeremy!  To find out more about the science behind quaternary marriage, check out the article in our most recent newsletter.


Just because it’s “twins in the news” doesn’t mean it needs to be serious. We thought it would be fun to share VCU Field Hockey Albright & Sturm twins “testing” how well each twin within a pair knew each other.


Time Magazine’s multimedia documentary series, A Year in Space, profiles Scott Kelly’s mission aboard the International Space Station

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The Today Show checks in with Scott and Mark Kelley

Out of this World Twin Study
In March 2015 astronaut Scott Kelly will travel to the International Space Station to begin a one-year study of the effects of extended time in space on the human body; Scotts identical twin brother, astronaut Mark Kelly, retired, will stay here on earth as the study control for this study.

Unique Twin Study paves the Road to Mars
NASA has announced plans for human travel to Mars by 2030. In 2015 identical twins and the only siblings to both travel in space, Mark and Scott Kelly, will take part in a very unique twin study to see the effect long-term space travel on the body which will guide NASA as they plan for the Mars mission and other extended space travel.


VCU Researchers Identify Genetic Clues Associated with Cigarette Addiction

Females More at Genetic Risk for Developing Insomnia than Males, VCU Study Suggests

Quadruplets all attending Virginia Tech

Triplets Marry on the Same Day, in the Same Ceremony, in the Same Dress
Identical Brazilian Triplets share a wedding day!

One Twin Exercises, the Other Doesn’t
Finnish identical twin study explores long-term effects of exercise.

World's Oldest Twins Are Still Close As Ever At 103
Believed to be the World's Oldest Identical Twins, Glenys Thomas and Florence Davies are still the best of friends after 103-years.

Twins Reunited
Separated at birth, twin sisters are finally catching up on lost time after 78 years.

Twins who were separated at birth are reunited 25 years later

Pittsburgh H.S. Team Has 4 Sets of Twins
There's a team in Pittsburgh, PA that leaves their opponents seeing double! The Taylor Allderice High School boy's basketball team has four sets of twins-three identical pair and one fraternal pair!

Swimming Twins
A pair of twins who are too young to walk are already swimming on their own- pretty special if you ask us!

Conjoined Twins Separated at VCU

In November of 2011, Dr. David A. Lanning at VCU’s Children’s Hospital of Richmond helped successfully separate a pair of 18-month-old conjoined twins from the Dominican Republic. Here are some stories and articles from that time:

Conjoined twins surgically separated at VCU return to Richmond a year later

National Geographic Article(s) on Twins
In January of 2012, National Geographic focused an issue of their magazine on twins. The link above will take you to the main article and links to some of the photo galleries included in the issue.

Guinness names World Oldest Twins
In February of 2012, two twin sisters from Scotland were named the World’s Oldest Living Twins by Guinness Book of World Records. They celebrated their 102nd birthday in November of 2011.

School with 16 sets of twins
A school in Connecticut has 16 sets of twin and is applying for a Guinness World Record

School with 15 Sets of Twins
An elementary school in Utah has 15 sets of twins. (video)