Here are some reasons to consider joining the MATR:

  • Registering with the MATR only takes a few minutes and provides an opportunity for you to contribute to the advancement of health research.
  • Registration only means that you are willing to learn more about our research. It does not mean that you are required to participate in any of our studies. If you are eligible for a particular study, we will contact you with information and you can then decide if you want to take part.
  • Participation in MATR studies is always voluntary. There is never any obligation and you can remain a member of the MATR even if you decide not to participate in one of our studies
  • MATR studies are interesting and typically do not take much of your time to complete.
  • Certain projects may invite twins to travel for a study, and they will often pay for all expenses involved. These studies allow our twins an opportunity to travel and contribute to health research at the same time.
  • MATR twins are known around the world and recognized for their contributions to science.
  • Our twins enjoy being part of an organization that contributes to the health and well being of society and generations to come.
  • Studies often compensate twins for their participation with tokens of appreciation-usually money or a small gift.
  • MATR twins receive our biannual newsletter containing articles about twins as well as stories and photos of fellow MATR members. Our newsletters also include updates on upcoming events for twins.
  • MATR twins are invited to attend special twin events, such as twins’ days at amusement parks with discounted tickets.