Are you eager to participate in a MATR study right now?

Information about how to participate is included in each listing, but feel free to call the MATR at 1-800-872-8946 for more information. Be sure to keep an eye on this page to look for new studies that come up! See our Current Studies webpage for additional information about these studies which we are currently recruiting as well as other MATR-related studies. And as always, thank you for your willingness to consider participating!

New Study! The Twin Voice Study:

Did you know…your voice may hold clues about your mental health?

The MATR is partnering with world-renowned twin researcher, Dr. Kenneth Kendler, on a new study that seeks to further explore whether subtle voice qualities can be used to help identify depression. Prior research has shown this is a possibility, but scientists need to better understand the role that genetics and the environment have on voice development. Twins are critically important to help the research team identify how much of a person’s genetics and environment or the combination of the two, contribute to human voice development.

Who is needed?

  • Female-Female Twin Pairs (full pairs needed)
  • Ages 30-60
  • Identical OR Non-identical
  • Any Race/Ethnicity
  • Anywhere in the United States

What’s Involved (if eligible)?

  • A voice recording session with a MATR Interviewer
  • Completing a survey

Compensation?  If Eligible - Yes!

  • Up to $40 in e-gifts (your choice of MasterCard, Amazon, Lowe’s, or Walmart):
    • $20 for the voice recording
    • $20 for the survey

Interested? Visit: Tell Me More to let us know.


***The MATR Survey for Adults is in re-development using an updated software application. While this survey is predominantly ready for participants to complete, the MATR focused survey efforts on collecting information about how the pandemic is impacting adult twins and their children.  Once we complete the pandemic survey project, the MATR will focus efforts on the MATR Survey for Adults and all registered adult twins will be eligible to complete the survey. The survey will collect basic health and behavioral information. The answers to the survey questions will be kept by the MATR and will help us determine if you are eligible to participate in future studies looking into specific conditions or behaviors. If you are interested in participating once the survey is ready, please follow the link below to our Update Contact Info & Research Interests online form.


Currently, the MATR is not actively recruiting for the ABCD study, but may be again at some point in the future.  

National Institutes of Health (NIH) has funded groundbreaking research being carried out by a consortium of 21 academic agencies. Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) is ONE of only four twin sites recruiting for this study that hopes to provide unique insight into the brain and cognitive development starting in childhood.

Participants the study will need include:

  • FULL PAIRS of Same-sex twins
  • 9 or 10 years old
  • Fraternal or identical

Study participation involves:

  • Completing a 20 min (approx.) phone call with the MATR to hear more about the study.
  • Coming to VCU to complete the study
  • Compensation is provided

If interested:

Contact the Mid-Atlantic Twin Registry (MATR) and let us know that you want to learn more about the ABCD Study. Please let us know the full names and DOB of the twin pair. Parents, please provide your full name as well. You can reach us at: