Here is a list of companies who conduct zygosity testing and can determine whether you and your twin are identical or fraternal.  The MATR does not necessarily endorse any of these companies- we are simply providing some examples of companies who provide this service. Feel free to choose the company you determine to best suit your needs. The prices below may change without MATR being notified, so the MATR cannot guarantee the prices shown are current. Please contact the company to determine the current pricing.

CompanyDNA Diagnostics Center (DDC)Proactive Genetics
Location Ohio Georgia
Phone No 1-800-613-5768 1-866-427-1646
DNA Sample Amniotic (CBS or amnio), blood, umbilical, cheek cell Cheek cell
Turn Around Time 3 working days 7-10 working days
*Cost before shipping and handling

Starts @ $400 for legal-quality testing

Also offer home-collection kits not advertised on their website.  Call them for more information.

$139 per pair
(MATR registrants only)


$20 off

Call or email the MATR for the discount code before placing your order